McFarland Technology Inc. develops mobile applications, primarily, for bar coding and radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions. Bar coding and RFID software and hardware are used for purposes, such as identification, asset tracking, and inventory management.


Our firm provides end-to-end mobile solutions. We develop the mobile device software, as well as integrating the mobile devices with back-end systems, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Depending on client needs, we may develop the entire system, from the mobile devices which collect the data to the database which stores and manages it.


Our mobile application developers are skilled in object-oriented design and development, as well as systems architecture for mobile devices and wireless systems. They implement software development best practices, such as test-driven development, rapid prototyping for technology and user interface evaluation, and thorough documentation of code and system designs.


Our team has expertise in multiple areas. They work and develop on multiple platforms. Our team has server-side skills in tools, such as Java and Microsoft .NET languages, including Visual C#, and Visual Basic (VB). They have mobile database expertise, using tools such as Microsoft SQL Server Compact and Oracle Database Lite. They develop customized applications and user interfaces, using tools such as Adobe Flash Lite, the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework, and Java ME.

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