McFarland Technology Inc. employs a team of senior-level database architects, developers, and administrators. Members of our staff have more than 15 years of experience in database design and development, using tools such as Oracle Database, MySQL Database, and Microsoft SQL Server. Members of our staff have graduate-level credentials in database development and administration. We have provided data management services to clients, such as the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, the University of New Mexico, the PA Game Commission, and the PA Office of Vocational Rehabilitation.


Our data management staff provides services,

such as the following:


• Developing a logical data model;

• Implementing the physical database;

• Retrieving and modifying data;

• Programming business logic;

• Tuning and optimizing data access; and

• Designing a database security plan.


For many of our clients, our team has worked side-by-side with in-house data management staff, providing mentoring and knowledge transfer. We have held classroom training in data management "Best Practices." We have led database design reviews, as well as provided one-to-one mentoring.

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