Our firm is a provider of solution architecture services. We strive to architect solutions which meet the business needs of our clients. Solution architecture considers software within the context of the whole organization. It looks at how software and hardware interact to form a whole system. The goal of solution architecture is to ensure that an organization is making optimal decisions about its IT systems in the light of its business goals.


Our solution architects develop solution concepts and analyze their business and technical feasibility. Once a solution concept has been identified, we gather and analyze business, user, operational, and technical requirements. Our solution architects transform requirements into functional and technical specifications.


From these specifications, we create models of business and data requirements, using tools such as Unified Modeling Language (UML). We use these models as a basis for design. Our team creates designs for relational databases, as well as designs for user interfaces, services and components, integration, error handling, globalization, localization, and security. We define XML schemas. We create proofs of concept to validate proposed designs.


Our solution architects work with our clients to select the appropriate technologies to implement solution designs. They have expertise in multiple methodologies, tools, and platforms, such as object-oriented analysis and design, design patterns, service-oriented architecture, the Microsoft .NET Framework/languages, Java technologies/tools, Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server databases, and Windows and UNIX/Linux platforms.

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